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Portrait Painting
*Animals and People*

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Little ChickadeePlaid CoalCoal in the Sun     Lucy and Coal in the Window Sheep Grazing Lucy's Quilt Miss Mousie Girl in a Pink Jacket  Coal on a Chair Eating Dandelions Spring Rest    The Belly Dancer Miss Bella  Lucy's Nap Socks   Cardinal in Spring White Egret   Lucy on a Blue Rug   Rose Breasted Grosbeak Camel   Woman with a Dog Man with a Camera painting Kitten in the Window Looking for Shells Snowball  Lucy in the Window

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Mousie on a LadderRoosterThe Artist at WorkThe SwingFour More SheepCardinalButterflySwansChickadeeFour SheepCat in the HallwayStalking RoosterMiss PippaGirl with Green SunglassesRose Breasted GrosbeakThe Bass Player Belly Dancer White with Veil Belly Dancer Orange with Cap Belly Dancer Pink Stripe Belly Dancer Red with Hood Belly Dancer with Red Veil Belly Dancer Red with Black Top Belly Dancer Red with Zills Cardinal Lucy and Red Door Red Coal Cat on a Chair Sir Winston on the Couch Boy with a Fish Fixing the Dock Ben and Bridgette Kitty in the Window Mousie Mousie in the Window Kitten in the Sun Girl in a Lavender Dress Belly Dancer 2 Belly Dancer 4 Belly Dancer 1 Belly Dancer 3 Belly Dancer 5 Old Man with a Puppy Mousie in the Sun Portrait of the Artist Old Man with a Pipe Dad Woman with Red Slippers Josiah Huntoon

When I am in the mood for real suffering, I undertake a portrait or two. There is nothing like painting a portrait to get the old left brain, right brain battle going. It is always a challenge! As a painter I just love problem solving!!! These oil portraits were all done from photographs that I have taken. Living creatures tend to not enjoy staying still so it is always a blessing to have my camera handy. This portrait art includes family members - my Mom and Dad, niece and nephew, my grandfather and my pets as well as other animal friends. The stimulation for the portrait artist is capturing that inner world of the model be it human or animal.  - Kathy Hebert

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